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What I wore: H! By Henry Holland Jacket

Outfit of the day
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Sorry for the ipad picture, I'm always out lately or unable to take pictures because it gets dark so early. I bought this H! by Henry Holland jacket in the sale at Debenhams the other day, unfortunately it isn't on the website for me to link you to. It was meant to be £59 but I picked it up for £29, which I thought was a pretty good bargain. It has a little bit of a Chanel vibe but also has that harder edge with the leather touches.
I love these boots, that are a bit of a a cheap alternative to the Topshop nighthawks - the boots are so comfy and pretty good quality for the money. I've being wearing them non-stop since I got them, I feel a little bit like Jim Morrison when I wear them with skinny jeans like this.
My mesh jumper and jeans were both purchased from Topshop as part of my personal shopping haul last year. They are really versatile pieces to have in your wardrobe and are both firm favourites. The cross necklace is from Internacionale - I suggest going to check out their jewellery as they have some great pieces at really affordable prices.


  1. Love your jacket! The leather details make it very you :) Gorgeous boots too! I tried the Office versions on ages ago and I looked ridic in them! wish I could pull them off as well as you do! ha ha :)

    Love, Rachel

  2. amazing jacket! I live the hard- chic vibe :) and I am so jealous of the nighthawks! they fulfil my guns band roses dream! must bug Chris to buy them for me :) don't worry about the photo- it still shows everything off :) and better then some posts I've seen lastly on other blogs x

  3. That jacket is boom. It's so great grabbing awesome finds at mega-slashed prices, no? Also, where the hell are your boots from? If I don't get me some, my soul will die.
    Betti xx