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London Fashion Week AW13: Ashish


WARNING MAY CONTAIN HORSE MEAT - sorry I just couldn't resist a bad pun here. I was lucky enough to be sent a ticket to the Ashish show last week. I was so excited to get a seated ticket at one of my favourite designers shows - I ran around my house shouting into the air. 
I was sat right at the back though and my camera decided to play up, so I didn't get any great pictures. The top picture is the look with the horse motif jumper. This collection was entitled 'Working Girl' and focused on lots of traditional work wear such as the high visibility vest. The street vibe through out this show was evident- Ashish never fails to disappoint me.
I loved this collection - it had so many wearable pieces. This may seem strange as some of his stuff can be seen as quite 'out-there' but if you take them as separates they can fit into anyone's wardrobe. I have my eye on the sequin t-shirt and hologram sequin pants. I also noticed more double denim looks - is it time to for me to face my phobia of the infamous double-denim? I think it might be.

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  1. Love Ashish. He is solely responsible for my recent purchases of the 90s throwback hair scrunchies. I am now an proud owner of 2! He has a great way with getting that sports luxe look no matter what his stories are on the this!

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    Lots of love, M