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Monthly Favourites: January

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Sorry for this post being a little late this month - January seemed to go by in the blur. London Fashion Week is almost here too, I've got loads to organise this coming week. I'm really looking forward to seeing some of the lovely friends I made last time and of course making new ones. 
Ever since I got my ipad I have been glued to it - its so convinant when I'm on the go and the new retina display makes it look so pretty. I love that some magazines are taking their apps to the next level with clickable links straight from the magazine. Vogue is always a monthly favourite of mine - I know not everyone is a fan but its something I have read from being young and it why I got into fashion in the first place. 
I also got my iphone 5 last month and this has meant I have listening to much more music on the go with the Spotify app. You can't see here but I'm listening to Hey Sholay's album. 
I am really impressed by the quality of W7 mail varnishes - this one in envy has become a firm favourite of mine. It is a lovely turquoise colour which looks different depending on the light. I have a few more of these in other metallic based colours which I love too. The nail varnish itself goes on really well and gives a great colour in 2 coats. 
I bought this bag from work which I have been carrying non-stop since I got it. Its a great size and I think it looks fairly expensive (to say I got it really cheap). I've been loving stackable rings lately - these are a selection of mine. I've linked to some on ASOS that I really liked. The good thing about them is they are really inexpensive but I think finish off any outfit. My favourite it my above the knuckle ring. 
Lastly I love this Sugar Crush body wash from Soap & Glory - the smell reminds me of Starburst sweets. I must say I pretty much love anything Soap & Glory come out with. 


  1. That turquoise nail polish sound amazing and you've jogged my mind in remembering I have to paint my nails for LFW. They're s state at the moment.

  2. You know, I've never thought of getting a magazine subscription on my iPad..but its such a great idea. I think I am definitely going to do that! xo

  3. wow so close to 500! cogratz

  4. Love that bag & agree it does look pretty expensive considering the price! I'm a massive S&G fan too, my cupboard is crammed full of their stuff, it all just smells too nice to resist!

    PS: Really loving the new layout! :)