The Boyfriend Valentines Day Challenge


lingerie valentines day

The lovely people from M&S have asked me to take part in a rather fun challenge for Valentine’s Day. A recent survey found that over £100 million was wasted last year, from men buying lingerie for their partners as a Valentine’s Day present. They can either get the size wrong, the style or buy something that you simply would not wear. 
I was asked to pick out some lingerie that I would buy for myself. I picked out this lovely Black Limited Collection underwear set. I think having classic black sets like this one are essential not only do you feel great while wearing them but they are a good investment piece as part of your collection. 
In every underwear draw you must have a set that feels a little bit luxurious – I picked this Floral Lace Trim Set. I love the deep jewel toned purple and the flattering style. I tend to stick to darker shades for my lingerie and this is perfect for my taste. 
Now comes the fun part – my boyfriend has been given a gift card for M&S. The only clue I have given him is my size, now he has to go forth and buy something HE thinks I would like. 
I’m going to have to wait until after Fashion Week for my present to arrive, to see how he did and I’ll post a verdict on here. Wish him luck! 

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