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Fashion In Film: Drive

drive film fashion
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One of my favourite films has to be 'Drive.' The film centres around the 'driver' who works as a stuntman and mechanic by day but by night moonlights as a getaway driver. His life changes forever when he befriends his neighbour, played by Carey Mulligan. I love this film not only for the gripping storyline but the amazing soundtrack. If you haven't seen this film I urge you to go watch it as soon as you can.
A good friend of mine asked me to do a fashion in film that focuses on men's fashion. Now I know I've used a women's jacket here but I think this kind of thing can be unisex if you style it right. This one from Zara is great because it's actually reversible. I love the scorpion emblazoned one from the film - perhaps you could find a patch like this on ebay if you want to stay close to the original?
A classic white polo shirt lets the jacket do all the talking and of course where would the 'driver' be without his driving gloves? I guess the gloves could be seen as a tad pantomime if you aren't actually driving - so to make this more wearable perhaps tuck them into your back pocket?


  1. Love the bomber jackets. The details are cool.

  2. I've never seen drive but this jacket makes me want to see it :)