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Make Room For Your Life

ikeaI was asked by Ikea to look at their Make Room For Your Life campaign and being a massive fan of interiors posts I thought it would be fun to share with you all. Ikea helped Fashion Blogger and entrepreneur Jess to re-make her space transforming it - and giving Jess room to store her extensive trainer collection. 

Looking around their site they have so many different ideas of ways to fit your life into your bedroom. I really liked the below space - of course, the bedroom is just like a giant walk-in-wardrobe. I also liked the unconventional way they used the picture ledge to display shoes. It is ideas such as this that inspire me to do different things in my own space. I love the idea of being able to see all my clothes and match things up easier. My room is fairly small though - Ikea have lots of great storage ideas for small spaces. I like that it is affordable too, you don't have to spend much to make room for your life.



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  2. I love ikea and loved this! Love the hanging photos! X

  3. Such cute photos! Lovely post.

    Emma x

  4. OMG how I would die if they come and did that for me, my room is a heap! I would love to just buy a ton of storage, I'm already saving so I can re design it, but it takes time. Plus I have kids who just destroy everything in their path for now. Thanks for sharing this, it has inspire me to keep saving and get sorting x

  5. How cool is that! You must have been stoked. Great photos.

  6. I'm planning to make an effort this year to sort out my wardrobe room and make the storage better, as I tend to forget what I have stored away if it's not on show or easy to access.

  7. I was about to write 'I wish Ikea would come and do my room!' but realise that my whole closet is from ikea! ha ha I wouldn't mind the Picture shelves to hang my shoes on though, I love the way they look :)

    Love, Rachel