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Monthly Favourites: February

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Currently listening to...
 Iggy Azalea - Ignorant Art - I've been loving this EP.  It might not be to everyone's taste but I suggest you give it a listen if you into Azealia Banks etc. My World has to be one of my favourite tracks.
Currently wearing...
I bought this from Zara while I was down in London and wore it the very next day at fashion week. I do love the sport luxe style and it goes with so many different things. Also its great for the transitioning weather when you sometimes don't want to wear a bulky coat.

Currently reading...
 I'm absolutely loving the new style Elle. It isn't something I religiously buy like I do Vogue but I've been looking into getting a subscription because I was so impressed.

Currently using...
  I picked up all of these products from the UGG Relax Lounge while I was at fashion week. I'd never heard of RMX before but looking at their website they seem to stock it in Selfridges in the UK. This is lovely golden colour which is great to use with a dark brown for a great natural smokey eye.  I also love this nude lipstick from Avon - I haven't tried loads of products from them but this is really moisturising and the shade looks great with my skin tone. Finally I have also been loving this Vanilla scented lipbalm stick from Carmex. The weather has been playing havoc with the condition of my lips and this sorts them out in no time.


  1. Thanks for the tip with John frieda- I've heard mixed opinions on its effect on coloured hair but you're looks amazing all the time so I have to give it a try
    That sweater and lippy looked great at LFW really glad they've found their way into your monthly favourites

  2. That eyeshadow looks lovely! I must try it out sometime :)

  3. Glad to hear about Elle as I just got a free subscription with tesco points, Id stopped buying magazines last year x