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In The Spotlight: Regis Salon

regis trinity leeds
regis trinity leeds

 I was pleasantly surprised when a little box was delivered to my house with some gorgeous Kerastase products inside and to my further delight I was kindly given a £150 voucher to spend at my nearest Regis Salon. My nearest one is actually in the new Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre - it's a great new salon in beauitful brilliant white. 
My appointment was with the lovely Sam - who I think was left a little traumatised when I almost cried at the prospect of having my hair chopped. I have being colouring my hair for a fair few years now and haven't had a haircut since July, so I'm a hairdressers nightmare. I am very attached to my long hair and it has become something of a security blanket to me. Does anyone else feel like this?
In the end I decided to take the plunge and have three inches off of my hair. Now by the picture below you may think 'what was all the moaning about?' as my hair looks long but it was REALLY long before. I also found that because of years of colouring my hair I was unable to get an even colour so I opted for a semi-permanent hair dye. I'm actually aiming to have a deep purple eventually - so I'll have to lay off the hair dye for a while. 
I have to say that my overall experience was a great one, after the initial shock of hearing about the condition of my hair. Sam was really professional and gave me a haircut I was happy with. I will be booking myself in again - this time I won't be waiting 9 months between haircuts.
As for the Kerastase products, I'm loving them. I have being using them since I received them and have really noticed a difference in my hair.
regis hair salon leeds regis hair salon leeds


  1. I've felt like that too eve though my hair has never been that long.


  2. You look gorgeous and this salon looks amazing.
    I have gotten one hair cut in the past few years but since I bleach it monthly its still at my collarbones.

  3. The hair cut look great! I've heard lots of great things about kerastase :) haven't been to a salon for about a year and a half... I really need a trim, but I am SO scared of the stylist getting it wrong or cutting too much off! I have set myself a bit of a deadline though! A friend of mine is getting married in August so I will definitely get it done before then! ha ha :)

    Love, Rachel

  4. I'm glad you had such a good experience :) my sister is a hairdresser so I actually have next to know attachment to the length of my hair (the colour is the only thing I care about) so I get mine cut every 3 weeks. I've convinced myself it helps it grow ;) you hair looks great x