Review: The Art of Being a Woman by Patricia Volk


the art of being a womanthe art of being a womanthe art of being a woman

I had positive feedback about my book review last time, so I thought I’d bring you another review today. I was kindly sent this for review and I must say it’s a great little read. One anecdote that rings true with me is one where she is watching her mother put on her makeup. I think we all remember our own first tentative steps into makeup, watching our mothers apply theirs and then clumsily trying to do your own. The book is littered with great pictures that illustrate the stories amazingly well.
The book documents the authors journey into becoming a woman – using what she learns from her mother and what she discovers when she reads the autobiography of couturier Elsa Schiaparelli. Her mother being a upper-middle class New York woman and Elsa being notoriously ‘surrealist.’ I hadn’t read much about Elsa before reading this book – but once you delve into her background it’s hard not to be fascinated.  She collaborated a lot with Salvador Dalí on a few of her couture pieces. Many of which are in archive at the V&A. She also had her own line of perfumes one of which was modeled on Mae West’s tailors dummy.
 This is a truly charming book with many life lessons which you will find yourself nodding along in agreement with. It really does reminded you that the person you become is helped along by the things your exposed to as a young person. I really do recommend picking this up if you have the chance – and remember there is more than one way to be a woman.
To be published in hardback by Hutchinson on 2nd May, £14.99. 

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