Review: YO! Sushi Trinity Leeds


yo! sushi trinity leedsyo! sushi trinity leeds

Today me and my boyfriend went down to the new YO! Sushi at Trinity Leeds – I was asked if I’d like to come down and review the food on offer. I’ve never done a food review before but I think I am going to start putting together a Google Map of the best places in Leeds to visit, including the best places to eat. This moves my blog in a more lifestyle direction which means there is always something for people to read about that interests them. 
We had made a booking for around 3pm but when we arrived there was a little que, the good thing about YO! is that you don’t actually have to wait long for a table. We waited around 10 minutes in total, bearing in mind it was a busy Saturday afternoon I didn’t think this was too bad. We were seated in a great booth near a window with the sun shining in.
I opted for a large glass of Rosé while the other half went for a lemonade. We started off with a cucumber maki dish while we waited for our hot dishes. I really like the Maki as something to start with as it’s light and doesn’t fill you up too quickly. For those of you who haven’t been to YO! before when you want a hot dish or a drink you need to press a button on your table which lets out an amusing call for someone to come to your table and take your order. 
I ordered vegetable tempura and my boyfriend opted for soft shell crab tempura. The tempura was really light – sometimes the batter can make it a filling dish but I think YO! got it just right.  We both ordered the mega chicken katsu curry which was incredible. I really recommend this dish, it’s so tasty and it’s great value for money. The normal size Katsu is £4 so I think £7 for this large bowl is a good price point. 
Lastly for desert I got a Lemon Shortbread Cake while my boyfriend had Dorayaki – Japanese pancake with custard and raspberry sauce. I like the size of the deserts as they aren’t too big so you don’t feel over faced while eating them. The Lemon Shortbread cake was really light and refreshing which is just what I needed. My boyfriend really enjoyed the pancakes too and said he would definitely recommend them. All the dishes I’ve talked about are in the pictures above – except for the Maki, we ate that way to quickly. 
For those of you who haven’t been to YO! all of the dishes come colour coded which link them to a particular price point – this makes toting up your bill that much easier. I’ll be visitng again for that amazing Katsu curry very soon.
For those of you that want to know what I’m wearing in the picture above: denim shirt from Topshop and a rose gold chain from Mango. 

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