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A Day in Paris

paris paris paris paris

I thought I would share a few snaps from my trip with work in Paris. I haven't spent much time in the city before, last time I went I saw the press venue and the train station. So it was really nice to be able to see a little more of the city. And what a city. I have to say I'm very taken with how incredibly beautiful Paris is, it's one of those places that has leaves me in awe. We took a trip up to Notre Dame and walked by the River Seine. I'm thinking about going back just as a tourist so I can have a proper look around. If any of you follow my intsagram you would of also seen my enormous room with two levels - I couldn't believe it! We stayed at the Hotel Malte Opera which I'd recommend to anyone wanting somewhere special to stay while visiting Paris.
I'm wearing my H&M leather jacket, Christopher Kane for Topshop Croc dress and you can see my new favourite bag from Zara on my arm. All the pictures were taken on Iphones again - I'm quite proud of the river shot.


  1. So jealous, I want a job that allows me to travel. I've never been to Paris, only the south of France x

  2. These shots are SO good for an Iphone :) You hotel room looked amazing! I might have to hint at Bill to take me one day :)

  3. Your pics are awesome! I went in February and thought it was "meh" but it did rain the whole time. Definitely need to give it another chance.

    amy frank | worldwide travel