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I’m big into interiors – Elle Decoration is one of my favourite reads. One of the best ways to show personalityin your room is through accessories and small touches. Especially if you have a smaller room and you aren’t really able to do a lot with it 
I’ve just picked out a few things from my room that give it personality and also make it really homely at the same time. I really love this cream lantern, that actually came as part of a set. I have a few things around my room like this, it adds to the ‘vintage style’ of my room. I really love candles but I don’t always want to spend a absolute fortune on them. I buy these small Yankee Candles from Asda. They are great value and fit into the lanterns I have in my room. Buying these small ones means you can try them out without spending a lot on the full sized candles.
My mum used to take me to a lot of Antique fairs as a child and she had a real thing for picking up tea-cup and saucer sets. She dug this one out recently as it goes perfectly with the colour scheme of my room. I really do recommend going to Antique Fairs – you can find some real gems and you can usually get things for the price you are happy with. 
Lastly I think every room needs a decent amount of coffee table books – well I think any home does. I love this Vogue Covers one – I like looking back through the various covers. I have a lot of coffee table books like this. They look great on my shelf and they provide me with copious amounts of inspiration. 
I’ve tried to find some similar items or the exact one for you – just click on the numbers above. Do let me know what you think about these interior style posts, I have a a few more planned in the coming weeks.

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