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Beauty Review: Lush Lip Products

lush lip products
lush lip products

I haven't used a massive amount of Lush products. I guess because I always associate them with baths - I'm more of a shower girl for sure. I have been hearing great things about their make-up range so I thought I would give a few items a try. 
I bought this Popcorn lip scrub and this Latte Lip Tint a while ago and I wanted to give them a proper test. I have to say they both smell like you could eat them - not advised though! I really love this lip scrub, I suffer with dry lips a lot of the time and I wanted something that would offer them a good exfoliation to prepare my lips for any colour. I hate it when I apply lipstick and it sticks to any dry parts of my lips. This makes sure my lips are looking in the best condition they can.
I picked up this lip tint because I thought it was such a pretty colour. I wear a lot of natural make-up and earthy tones, so I thought this colour was perfect for me. It has a little bit of bronze shimmer to it but it isn't over powering. It's a creamy tint and blends really easily - its a great size to just through in your bag.
Very timely but I will be attending a Lush Spa 4th Birthday party next week in Leeds - I'm looking forward to trying more of their products.


  1. I love the lip scrubs but I found the balms to be really hard and difficult to use :/

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. The lip scrubs are amazing! They definitely do the job.
    Nakita xxx