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Beauty Review: Vaseline Spray & Go

vaseline spray & go
I'm a real sucker for offers in Boots and I could not resist this one. I spotted the £4.99 offer and I had to grab it. 

This Vaseline Spray & Go in cocoa radiant in the perfect lazy persons moisturiser. Are you one of those people that NEVER moisturisers? This is the product for you! It's super easy to apply because it has a continuous spray action. It sinks into the skin really easily and I love the smell of this. It reminds me of holidays, its been great for me for using after I've been out in the sun we've been having to give my skin some moisture. The great thing about this product is that because you can spray it continuously you can get the product in all those harder to reach places, like the back of your legs.
I had been using the Garnier Oil for the past few weeks but now I've started to alternate with this too. I really do recommend it if you like easy to use products and it comes in a variety of different options.


  1. This sounds perfect for me as I am hopeless at moisterising! Do you have to rub it in a little? I recently purchased the St Ives body lotion which has a pump top so I'll be putting that in the bathroom to try and get myself moisterising more often! xx
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  2. I saw this in boots the other day and was tempted to pick it up, wish I would have now!

  3. loooove ths product - i picked it up yesterday x

  4. I've heard that this is really lovely and perfect for someone like me who cannot stand that sticky post moisturising feeling! Great recommendation/review x

  5. I know it sounds silky but I really didn't know if you just sprayed it on. I was tempted in the shop but I'm too lazy to spray and rub in

  6. eeeeeee loveee this and your blog! would be amaze if you could check out my review :) XOXOXO -