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While taking part in the #bbloggers chat last sunday I tweeted about Evo and a few people tweeted back saying they hadn’t heard of them. So I thought that called for a blog post.
I was first introduced to Evo back in February at London Fashion Week. I attended the Jena Theo presentation and was lucky enough to have a seated ticket. Many seated tickets come complete with a ‘swag bag.’ In this bag was a brand I’ve never heard of – Evo. When I got back from fashion week I started using these products and I’ve thought about reviewing one of them once or twice but I thought I would give them their own spotlight post to tell you all a little bit more about them.
Their Haze styling powder is amazing. I’ve used other hair dusts before and always found them to do the job but they left my hair feeling incredibly sticky afterwards and this kind of put me off them. With Haze you have all the benefits of a styling powder but none of the sticky residue on your hair after use. I love the little descriptions on the bottle too ‘if you’ve just washed your hair and you’re dreading the next three days of baby-haired-mopville, then a little of this styling powder will do a long way.’ ‘This old school powder will give your hair some bulky texture to play with when it’s suffering from the flop. Think ‘voluminous birds nest’, but in a good way.’ Did I tell you I’m a sucker for packaging?
Next up is their Helmut finishing spray – which has the added benefit of uva/uab protection. Again it doesn’t make you feel like you’ve got crispy hair syndrome and holds your style all day. It’s also really easy to brush out so you can re-style your hair again later in the day.
Lastly their Self Indulgence Body Creme which smells so fresh and clean. I really like the way this sinks so easily into the skin and your skin feels silky smooth after use. I have to leave you with the best bottle quote of the day ‘if your can’t spend a week bathing in pools of dead-skin-eating fish while beng served dinner by trained psychologists, then this hand and body creme is for you.’ Awesome. Also the fast they have ‘no bollox’ in their Twitter bio makes them my new favourite brand.

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