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What I Wore: Simple Silver Jewellery

pure attraction bracelet

I've always had a thing for simple jewellery - don't get me wrong I love costume jewellery but when it comes to those pieces you reach for everyday it has to be simple for me. 

I was extremely lucky to receive this little guy through the post. Share Jewellers were kind enough to send me this Pure Attraction Skull Bracelet. If you are going to buy simple jewellery, something which shows a little of your character is always best if you're planning to wear it all the time. Anyone that knows me will know I love anything with skulls on - so this suits my personality to the ground. It also goes with so many different outfits - I love how dainty it looks on my wrist.

I hadn't heard of the Pure Attraction range before but they have some lovely jewellery - my other favourites are the magnetic bracelets, anyone else find themselves struggling with clasps on a morning? These would be the perfect solution to that struggle. 

What are your go to pieces?


  1. Ooo this is very cute, I love all kinds of jewellery! But I'm loving wrap around studded bracelets at the mo

    Kylie @

  2. Aw your bracelet is so cute!i love anything with skulls on it too!:)