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Event: Chiara Fashion Blogger Photoshoot

chiara fashion
chiara fashion
Last weekend I was asked to take part in Chiara Fashion's Blogger Event Day. Myself, Mags and Katie went down to Chiara HQ to take part of in an photo shoot showing off their new collections. 
Chiara seem really keen to work with bloggers and are also branching out into new mediums such as YouTube.  They even invited us back for a special Christmas shoot.
We had our make-up done by the lovely Marta and then it was on to picking out our looks. All in all I wore 5 different looks. We had some trends that we had to try and portray through the looks we picked out. Each of us have very different styles and it was great to see what the other girls put together.

 I've put a couple of snaps in from the day - how awesome do Katie and Mags look? I really like the dress I'm wearing on the picture below (click on the number to view the product) I'll put some more pictures up when I get the full set through. This was my first shot at modelling, it was really fun but tiring!

chiara fashion chiara fashion

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  1. How awesome do you look!! I can't wait to see more photos :) x