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What I Wore: Daisy Print Jumper

omg fashion daisy jumper omg fashion daisy jumper

I was kindly sent this jumper from OMG Fashion - it reminds me a little of the Wildfox jumpers which a couple of hundred too much for me The days aren't quite cold enough for this yet. I've being changing into this cozy jumper on a night as the evenings get colder. When it gets colder I'm going to wear a shirt underneath and have the collar peaking out, a little more 90's themed. Everyone needs a couple of jumpers like this for the Winter - there's nothing better than sitting on the sofa when its freezing outside in a big jumper watching films.

I teamed this up with a pair of black Leigh Topshop jeans. I live in these jeans, I've got them in a couple of colours, they are so easy to wear and go with almost anything. I also have on my Duo leather boots. I've being wearing these boots none stop lately - they are so comfy. Again these are another piece in my wardrobe that I wear with almost everything. These are the kinds of pieces you need in your wardrobe to build up a capsule collection.


  1. Love your jumper. Looks so snug :D

    Ruth x

  2. That jumper is lovely - it looks nice and cozy! :)

  3. The sweater looks awesome, I agree it will look great with a shirt peaking out fron underneath.

  4. this is so perfect! love the sweater x

  5. ohh you look amazing girl! LOVE the jumper <3 :D