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Fashion In Film: The Royal Tenenbaums

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I thought I would kick start my fashion in film posts again - they seem to of fallen by the way side lately. I'm kicking them off again with Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums.
For those of you who haven't seen it is all about a dysfunctional family and what happens when their estranged father returns to make amends after living in a hotel for 22 years. I won't tell you much more than that but I urge you to go and watch it for yourselves. 

I've decided to focus my attentions on Margot Tenenbaum played by Gwyneth Paltrow. Her style through out the film is pretty iconic. I picked out this faux fur coat from Rokit - I thought it was a great dupe for Margot's. Everyone needs one in their wardrobe, I do find that vintage ones tend to be the best fit.
Her Hermes style bag was hard to replicate but I loved this bag with gold hardware from ASOS. Everyone needs a good pair of gloves, these cashmere pink gloves from Hobbs are the perfect addition to this outfit.  Finish off your look with a slick of kohl eyeliner - my favourite is this one from MAC.


  1. I haven't seen this film but I've heard so much about it lately that I feel i really need to!

  2. Great post! :) The coat looks perfect for winter

    p.s. love that movie

  3. Oh man, Halloween inspiration to say the least. Love this film!

    Lela -

  4. Lovely items!!

    xx Mounia

  5. Ahh great film. I love Wes Anderson, can't wait for The Grand Budapest Hotel :)

    Love the items you've compiled.

    Ruth x

  6. Wes Anderson is my favorite director and this movie is just magical! I love this post!

    Xo, Hannah