A Guide To First Time Buying: House Viewings

Many of you have seen on Twitter that I’m in the process of buying my first house. I took part in the #lbloggers chat last week and asked if people would be interested in seeing a series of blog posts on buying your first house.

Loads of people said they’d find this really useful – of course being a complete novice in this area myself these posts will share any of my learnings and tips. Eventually I’ll be able to share my house with you all and then my interiors tips.

Of course first and foremost you have to secure that all important mortgage. It’s worth shopping around and weighing up the pros and cons for each promise. I’m not going to give you any financial advice as I think that is up to the individual. What I will say though is when you have a credit check make sure that when you shop around for other deals they don’t run a check again as this can damage your credit score. 
After you’ve got your mortgage promise you’re ready to begin your house hunt. Obviously you will have an area in mind but you may have a particular mile radius you are willing to go up to. Once you kick off the house hunt you might find it difficult to keep up with the sheer amount of houses you’ve seen. Also the calls from various estate agents can leave you feeling more than a little bit confused. Something I’ve found really helpful is to create my own personal google maps. You can do this by logging into your google account, navigate to maps and then click on ‘my places’. You will see the create a map button – you can place labels on the map in places you wish to make note of. This had really helped me with our plan of attack when we’ve had multiple house viewings in one day. It also gives you an idea of where all the local amenities are and any transport links. You can add any notes to these labels too – after you’ve seen the house it might be worth adding the pros and cons to label to jog your memory.

In my next post I’ll talk about what to look for at your house viewings  – please leave me a comment if you’re in the same boat and you found this helpful. I thought I’d illustrate this post with inspiration pictures I’ve found on Pinterest. My interiors board is getting fuller and fuller by the day, so I’m sure I’ll continue to share them until I can show you my own home.

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