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Christmas Gift Guide: Fashion Addict

fashion addict christmas gift guide

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This gift guide is dedicated to the fashion addict - you know exactly the person I'm talking about. To be honest I'm probably talking about myself here. This is the woman your probably most scared of buying for - will she do a Rachel from Friends on you and demand the receipt?

Like any fashion addict she's a real magpie - so make sure you satisfy her addiction to sequins and pick up this rather lovely pink sequin cropped top from Topshop. I'd team this up with some simple denim and a pair of heels, got to let the top do the talking.
Of course she'll be protective over her handbag collection, so buy her this one from Monki complete with written warning. It has just enough room to keep all her other essentials in there.
She will definitely have a massive collections of shoes, so why not buy her another pair? I loved these loafers from Chatelles - you can even get her initials embroidered onto them. A perfect gift for someone who has everything.
She'll need to carry her designer perfume with her - no one likes to carry a full bottle around with them. This solid perfume from Marc Jacobs is the perfect way to carry your scent with you at all times.  Hope you find this little gift guide helpful!


  1. Leopard shoes you can initial- it's my perfect gift.

  2. I love that Monki bag! One of my favourite brands!

    Amanda x

    This Charming Girl

  3. That clutch and the sequin top please Santa haha love this gift guide xx

  4. I looove the sequin crop top! I just think I'd probably never wear it, except at Christmas! xx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

  5. I love number 2 and number 3! They're all gorgeous picks

  6. I love the Chatelles loafers too!