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What I Wore: F&F Coat

f&f coat f&f coat

I was kindly asked by F&F if I'd like to pick out a new winter coat - they have a great selection of women's coats. I've never bought a coat from them before but I was really impressed with this one. When it comes to picking a winter coat I have a few things that are a must. 
It must have some good pockets, this coat actual has four pockets. Two zipped and then two open ones. There is nothing I hate more the false pockets, what's the point?  I love that it has a fur collar but the great thing about this collar is it actually buttons off - great if you want to change up the look of the coat. I really like the boyfriend fit that this coat has, I find it really flattering and it's so easy to just throw on. Another thing I look for is that it's long enough to keep your bum warm, especially important if you use public transport to get to work.
I was also trying to stay away from a black coat, I think we can all admit when it comes to buying a winter coat we lean towards darker colours. Grey was something a little different for me - it have to say it has been my go to coat.
I just have my black skinny Leigh jeans on from Topshop, my Duo ankle boots, a cardigan from La Redoute and a hat from the La Redout x Courrèges collection. This was a just a casual outfit for last minute Christmas shopping, I hope you've all done yours!


  1. That is a gorgeous coat, Laura! I need a grey coat in my life! One brand that I have loved this year is F&F! They have been absolutely fantastic in working with bloggers too, they sure spoil us rotten! x

  2. What a lovely coat! I have a similar grey one and I could not live without it. Especially since I suffer so much from the cold in the winter..

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  3. I love your outfit! You look so chic and I am in love with your coat! :)

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  4. Amazing coat- grey looks fantastic on you :) I hate false pockets why would anyone go to the efforts to make a coat look like it has pockets but not! It sounds like a lot more effort.
    I wish you had cone to the Sophia Webster presentation- you would have loved it

  5. The coat is gorgeous! F&F have some really nice things

  6. lovely coat especially the fur collar :)
    elizabethsophiee x

  7. Just started following you, great blog and lovely outfit posts! x

  8. what a wonderful coat!

    x Maria
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