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Interiors: New House Wishlist

As some of you may know I am currently house hunting - buying your first house can be pretty stressful. But it does mean that I can make endless pinterest boards with inspiration for my future house. We all have aspirations, right?

I've really been really into the idea of having a grey bedroom and I think this way it will suit both of our tastes. I loved this fur cushion from Next - I want lots of cushions for my bed in varying shades of grey. I know this is something that annoys guys - what is the need for all the scatter cushions?
While on Pinterest I've seen lots of vintage style clocks, I really love this clock from John Lewis. The roman numerals are a nice touch, it would look great as a feature above our bed.
We have some great home accessories at work, I've especially had my eye on this bell jar. I'd like to make a feature with one of these - I have a silver skull ornament which would look great underneath. I had to have skulls somewhere in my house didn't I?
I need somewhere to blog when I move house, currently that somewhere is my lap. I really like this desk from Ikea, I think lots of other bloggers have this. It's really affordable and has the added bonus of the extra pull out space. Having the space will mean I can work but also tidy everything away really easily.
Lastly, I've always had a dream of having a comfy armchair in my room where I can sit and read books with a throw around me and a good cup of tea. I've had my eye on for a while - they have some fabulous pieces, even if they might be a little pricey. This lovely grey armchair is currently on sale for £169! I can't say I'm not tempted...


  1. Number 5 is so cool! Also really like the clock :) I am also a Leeds blogger, your blog is simply fabulous :) xx

  2. Your blog is so lovely!! I havent found any other bloggers from Yorkshire so bizzare..
    Keep up the hard work.
    Charlotte x