London Fashion Week: A Guide to Attending


london fashion week sophia webster
london fashion week

This will be my 5th season attending London Fashion Week. I have had blogger passes in the past but all has changed. While it has actually become harder for bloggers to attend, the BFC have new guidelines for bloggers who are accredited, you can still get yourself there. If you want to try applying for a pass though you can head over to the fast-track page. If like me though you got a rejection in under 1 minute, there are other ways you can immerse yourself in the biggest fashion industry event in the UK.

london fashion week

A little known fact is that even if you don’t get a pass you can still apply for shows. The best piece of advice I can give you is to apply for as much as you can. Ok, you might not get into Tom Ford but you never know. I didn’t think I’d ever get into Ashish but I’ve actually attended his show three times now. You can download the Press contact list from here.

Tell them what show you are applying for in the subject line – it makes it easier for them if they are in charge of a few different designers ticket requests.
When composing your email to the P.R contact you have to remember a few things. First of all if their name is on the Press contact list, use it! Just think of annoying it is to receive an email that’s for you but isn’t addressed to you.

Next up polite ask for a ticket for the show and add in a little bit of flattery. Maybe you love the designer and you’ve admired them for years.
Don’t forget to include your address for them to post out tickets to you, often they don’t say YOUR IN, they’ll just post the ticket out. Give them all the information they need in one email, they don’t have the time to chase you for it. That means you need to include your blog link and any other links you think are relevant. If you have lots of Twitter followers, link to it – it shows you have a great reach.

Something else which isn’t really talked about and I must say I’ve been looked down on for doing, is queing to get into a show without a ticket. If the P.R company find that the venue is looking a little empty they will let more people in, no one wants an empty show. I personally don’t see the problem with this, you are filling space that would otherwise be empty. From doing this I’ve ended up at Mark Fast sat behind Kanye West me so trust me, if your patient, it is worth doing.

Then there are the great street style shots to be had – you can simply have a walk around Somerset House and see some awesome inspirational fashion. I hope this little guide helped someone  – leave me a comment if you plan on going.

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