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panache sport

I’m a massive fan of Panache lingerie already so when they offered to send me over some of their Panache Sport range I jumped at the chance. They are currently running a campaign #SupportEveryMove which not only offers advice on sportswear but also motivates people to get fit. Panache are actively encouraging people to share exercise advice through their various social channels and you can even help them make their Spotify playlist.

It can be quite hard to find work out gear that fits well and offers the support I actually need. I’ve being doing Zumba for the past 2 years and as it’s such a high energy work out you need sportswear that supports you.

You’ll be pleased to know that these sports bras offer 83% less bounce – nothing worse than almost giving yourself a couple of black eyes when running on the treadmill. As all breasts are slaves to gravity the full support of a good sports bra also minimizes sag and droop, keeping your boobs perky. The importance of a good sports bra is pretty obvious but the more comfortable you feel the better chance you have at sticking at it. I like the matching briefs that come with this bra, although I’m not brave enough to work out in just these in public. I’d have to put on a pair of leggings. But in the comfort of my own home I don’t mind. I love the colour, is it wrong I feel a little bit like an 80’s fitness instructor in this set?
I’ve found this circuit workout on Pinterest which is perfect for doing at home. I have a yoga mat and wrist weights, so I think I’m going to give this a go – who’s with me?

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