A Guide to First Time Buying: What to look for

A Guide to First Time Buying: What to look for

As you know I’ve been on hunt for a house since October. I may have some exciting news soon but I’ll have to tell you about that later…
The thing is that no one really tells you how to buy a house. You hear bits of advice from family, friends and work colleagues but no one actually gives you a step by step guide as to how to go about it. I talked through how I went about finding houses to view before but I’m going to discuss what to look for when you get there.

Your viewings could either be with the home owner or with an estate agent. Personally I’ve found it much more helpful when the owner shows you around, as they know more about the house and the area. Most agents are just sent out to open the door for you, so they don’t really know a lot about the property. It’s better to call the estate agents after the viewing if you want to find out more.
When you get there try and find out a few immediate things. How old is the boiler? Is there double glazing? You could also ask what council tax band they are in to give you an idea on what you would be paying. After you’ve looked around all the rooms, do another lap. This time look up at what you might of missed. By doing this I’ve spotted cracks in the ceiling that might need checking up on later.
Something else I have to stress is to think of the rooms with your furniture in and with your own decor tastes. It’s all about the room size!
If you decide the property is worth another viewing make sure you go with a list of things you need to check up on. Take a measuring tape, you can measure the rooms for furniture you already have in mind and see if it would actually fit. I’ve been thinking about my own little office for me to blog from. Next time I’ll be covering what happens when you actually make an offer…


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