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I’ve spent a fair few years dying my hair and only recently stopped. If you look back at my posts I’m sure you’ll see my hair used to be bright red which is one of the worst colours to get rid of. So in the end I thought I’d just grow it out. As you can imagine because of this my hair has taken a little bit of a battering. I’m always on the look out for products that can give my hair a helping hand.
I was sent these British Hair products to try out. It isn’t a brand I’d heard much about before but I got my hands on the Reconstructive Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner. I’ve used these for about 6-7 washes now and pleased to report back good results.

First thing to note is how clean smelling they both are, I know this seems a little obvious I mean we are talking about shampoo here. But sometimes I find hair products are so perfumed they can be a little over-whelming. Every time you move your head your hit my a wall of scent.

These little beauties left my hair feeling squeaky clean – don’t you just love it when you run your hands through your hair in the shower and you can hear that satisfying clean sound?
Another thing is that my hair actually feels more manageable and is actually doing what I want it to do. I tend to wash my hair, dry it a little, put it in a plait and go to bed. Then the next day I’ll curl it a little with my hair wand. I’ve found with other shampoo and conditioners that my hair can still be a little unruly and sticks out all over the joint. I want soft, luscious and well-behaved locks and I wasn’t getting them. Now when I curl my hair it actually re-arranges itself into perfect little bouncy curls that I can be proud of. As for the reconstructive and strengthening properties, only time will tell but I hope to be pleasantly surprised by this too.


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