A Guide to First Time Buying: What To Do When Making An Offer


So you’ve found the perfect house – time to make an offer. Such a scary prospect but you can make the process painless if you want to. Make sure you have a top level figure in mind before you put in an offer. If the house is on the market for £120,000 maybe the most you want to pay is £115,000. Start at lower offer so you have some moving room with the price. This way you could work, your way up to £115,000 and perhaps secure it at this price.

Forthose that don’t know, you would call the estate agent who is looking after the property and put in your offer. You could mention some things that have brought you to this price decision, maybe something needs fixing when you move in that could be pricey? Have a list of things before you call them so you don’t get caught out. It’s so easy to forget something when you get on the phone.

Then it really is a waiting game, they’ll feed back the price offered to see what the vendor thinks. It can be pretty nerve racking, this is the biggest purchase you’re ever going to make. You’ll get that all important phone call to say if they’ve accepted or not and it all feels a bit Location Location Location except there is no Phil or Kirsty to guide you on your way.

The offer was accepted – what happens next? First things first, inform your bank and look into getting your survey done. The survey will inform the bank as to whether the house your buying is worth the price and gives them confidence to lend you the money. A good survey can be pretty pricey but it also gives you peace of mind. Next time I’ll be covering, conveyancing and solicitors.

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