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In The Spotlight: Primark Spring/Summer 2014

primark spring/summer 2014
primark spring/summer 2014

Primark's Spring/Summer 2014 collection seems to be so on point this year. I don't really tend to buy that much from them these days as I thought it was a bit of a waste of money. Seeing the new look book images though has got me thinking I should take another look.

I'm actually a lot more into going to Primark now since we got a new store in Leeds Trinity. With proper merchandised product and the feeling of an actually fashion store, it's a lot easier to shop in. I'll definitely be on the look out for the white duster coat in the top pictures. It looks just like one I've seen in Zara but of course at a fraction of the price.

I also love the baby pink biker jacket – it would look great with a simple strappy dress and ankle boots in the Spring. Some of these items aren't actually available until April, so be sure to go check them out when they hit your local Primark. Have you got your eye on anything?

Images: prshots


  1. That white coat is gorgeous, definitely keeping my eyes peeled for it!!
    Charlotte x

  2. Oh my god that sheer white dress- why is none of this at my local Primark!!

  3. These outfit do not look Primark, need to get down there

  4. I agree with you the Trinity store is always so clean and today… at least it has been whenever I've been in. You don't seem to get that carnage you'd get on a Saturday afternoon at the other store. I found some great shoes in there for the girlfriend the other day. I agree with Lauren, it doesn't look like Primark in the shoot, it just depends how long the clothes last. That's always my issue with Primark.

  5. yet again primark have excelled themself. their collections seem to be getting better and better!

    followed on bloglovin :)

    charlotte x