Review: Innocent Vandals Hair Studio


innocent vandals hair studio

Don’t you think it’s always really hard to find a hairdressers you like? I feel like some you go in and your out again in half an hour. If I’m going to part with my cash I want it to be a nice experience and not be rushed out of the door before you’ve barely had the chance to put your coat on. 
Most people that know me will know how much I love my long hair, so I feel like I have to really trust the person who is cutting it. My lovely friend Laura is currently working at Innocent Vandals Hair Studio in Leeds and she invited me down to get my locks cut. I trusted Laura despite her never cutting my hair before because her hair always looks so fabulous. Now I did warn her when I walked in that I feel a bit like Samson – all of my power is in my hair. With the being said I’ve never felt more relaxed while getting a hair cut.

The great thing about this place is that is hidden away on a busy street in Leeds (just opposite Opera North to be exact) and the only indication of where it is are the two skulls with great hair cuts on the door. There is something exclusive about it – only those who have been know where it is.

innocent vandals hair studio

Inside you’ll find an array of art and some beautiful vintage mirrors. The music is provided by a record player in the corner – I was loving the sounds of Hendrix while getting my hair cut.
One of the best things about Innocent Vandals is the time they take over your hair. A haircut is a bit of a treat and if a hairdressers makes you feel like they care about your hair as much as their own, you leave the salon satisfied. I’m definitely booking in my next appointment  – 8 weeks and counting!

innocent vandals hair studio

innocent vandals hair studio

You can follow them on Facebook to see more of their awesome haircuts.


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