Review: Pretavoir Tom Ford Glasses


pretavoir tom ford glasses

pretavoir tom ford glasses

I don’t pop molly I rock TOM FORD. Sorry that just had to be done. After meeting the dream team that are Betty and Bee (other wise known as Sheri and Claire) at London Fashion Week, they kindly got in touch about sending me some glasses from their awesome client Pretavoir. As you know I wear glasses all of the time so getting a new pair is always a big deal – I have to happy with them as they are sitting on my face most of the day.
I decided to go for these Tom Ford’s  – I loved the simple design and the shiny black finish. The shape is different to anything I’ve had before, they are a little larger than any of my other pairs. I quite like this because you can see more of my eyes. I find smaller glasses hide away my eyes which I don’t want to do. Another thing I really like about them is that they aren’t flash in your face designer but still a recognizable design.

I got a quick shot of me wearing them at work on Friday – what do you think? I have to say that the Pretavoir service is amazing, they have so much choice. It’s really simple to enter all your prescription, just make sure you also have your pupil distance number. You can get this from your optician. I’ll be using their service again in the future – thanks Pretavoir!


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