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Interiors: Spineless Classics Wuthering Heights

spineless classics wuthering heights
wuthering heights
When I found out about my new house I was on the look out for some different pieces to decorate it with. I like to have things that are a little different and that is a little bit of a talking point. 

The guys from Spineless Classics were kind enough to send me this absolutely incredible print.  Basically you have a 'book on a page' - all the words from your favourite book appear in one print. I chose my favourite book 'Wuthering Heights' to hang in my home. Wuthering Heights has been my favourte book since reading it in high school. The drama really gripped me and I've read it many times since. I thought I'd include a shot that I took on the moors where the book was set - I thought it really captured the mood. Too deep?
As you can see from far away the print is pretty hard to decipher but up close you can actually read whole chapters of the book. I thought this was a really unique item and there are so many different prints to choose from. I'd really recommend getting one for your home or alternatively it would make a lovely present.

spineless classics wuthering heights


  1. Wow what an amazing print- I love Wuthering heights :) I just wish I had a wall to hang one on :(

  2. That is such a lovely idea! Wuthering heights is one of my favourite books too, I recently watched a film adaptation staring 'Effy from skins' which did not do it any justice! Sometimes classics should just be left as books

    X Hayley-Eszti |