Interiors: Red Candy Umbra Hangit Photo Display


Umbra Hangit Photo Display
Umbra Hangit Photo Display
Umbra Hangit Photo Display

I’ve been looking for different things to furnish my new home – items that will make it have it’s own personality. I was sent this lovely Umbra Hangit Photo Display from Red Candy. Red Candy has a whole range of items for your home that will help you inject that personality. 
My plans for this frame were to hang it above my dining room table in my kitchen. However, like most things, getting the kitchen together has been put back a little. We have to wait for the walls to be plastered and painted until we can start driving screws into the walls. 
I thought I’d show you the product and some of the prints and photos I’m planning to add to it once it’s up. The frame itself looks really easy to put up, your provided with raw plugs and screws for your walls which the frame sits easily onto. You can also have it two different ways depending on your preference. The frame also comes with a pack of tiny little pegs for you to attach your photos to the line. My plans are to have a mixture of inspirational images mixed with pictures of my family and friends. Everyone says the kitchen is the heart of any home so I want to create a centre piece to be proud of.


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