A Guide to First Time Buying: The Final Stages


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So your offer has been accepted – brilliant! Now what? We were a little lost on what to do next but there are a few stages before you can get your hands on those keys. You should have a solicitor working on your behalf by now, if not don’t worry. Do a little research on ones in your local area, the estate agent will probably recommend one, they aren’t the cheapest so if your not happy with the price don’t hesitate to say no. I’d really recommend one with an online service as you can check the progress of your sale whenever you want. It’s the job of the solicitor to undertake the conveyancing. This can involve anything from doing a local mining search to looking at the land registry. 
Your solicitor should deal with all the paper work for you and will liaise with the sellers solicitors too, up until the completion. They will flag up any issues with you that may slow down the house buying process. At the final stage they will ask you to come in and sign for completion.
Lastly lets think about moving in! We got some massive quotes from removal firms that we were not happy to pay, especially after just forking out all the money for the deposit. We actually found a local charity that had a removal service that were cheaper than the private firms and the bonus was a cut went to charity. I’d really recommend doing something like this and of course get as many family and friends with cars to give you a helping hand. Happy moving!

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