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In The Spotlight: A Beautiful Mess: Blog Life

a beautiful mess how to blog
For a while now I've been questioning my purpose for blogging. I started my blog in 2008 - I've been blogging a bloody long time. Now I think it's kind of inevitable that you compare yourself to other people, that's life. I've got friends in the blogging community who have been able to make a career out of their blog. This isn't something that I would necessarily want to do but seeing them achieve such success has been a little bit of an eye opener for me. What do I want to achieve from my blog?

a beautiful mess how to blog
Of course we all know and love the A Beauitful Mess but what I found out through Sinead's blog is that they have recently published an online blog course called Blog Life. The basic premise of the course is to keep you inspired and to help you form your blogs identity. This is great for new bloggers or bloggers like me who need to light that fire again. Although it may not be my aim to make a career out of my blog, I spend an awful lot of my spare time on it and of course I'd like it to have some measure of success. I hope that by the end of the course I'll be re-energized. You even get set little homework tasks in each of the sections to really get your brain working. 

A beautiful mess
I'm sure you're no stranger to their wonderful photography app either - it has such a lovely aesthetic. Seeing how much they have achieved really inspires and pushes me to think about creating exciting shareable content. Despite only downloading 'Blog Life' today I can see that it is going to mean the start of something new and exciting for me. It'll give me the kick up the bum I've so desperately needed!


  1. It's so cute! xx

  2. I'm so tempted to get this course and heard such great things, but I really don't want to get my hopes up and be disappointed (although I know it'll be full of gems). Genuine mind debate!

  3. Ok I'm going to try this again as it didn't work the first time. :(

    I feel you on the course. I didn't realise this existed, although I was aware of the app as I've seen one of my favourite bloggers use it. I've taken a bit of a step back from the blogging community recently and it was due partly to me enrolling on a business course that's all about online presence. I had kind of lost my way a little from my original goal when I set out my blog and that helped me to refocus and decide who my website was actually for as I was starting to lean more and more to catering to other bloggers, which wasn't something I intended when I initially set out.

    I've also lost a little bit of love for the community as a whole. There are still some amazing blogs out there, but too many that seem to cross my path are all following the exact same formula. They're using it to socialise and express the same opinions on the same products. Their sites end up being like the back pages in Vogue that everyone flicks past. Which is cool if it makes them happy. But I just find the content very repetitive and boring. But then I've always been one who prefers editorial type pieces anyway.

    I hope the course revives your focus and gives you the direction you're looking for!