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Review: Le Chalet Leeds

le chalet leeds review
le chalet leeds review
le chalet leeds review
le chalet leeds review
le chalet leeds review

As a massive fan of tea I'm always up for trying out new tearooms and places that specialise in tea. I was invited down to Le Chalet in Leeds who are essentially a French tearoom and bakers. They are fairly new to Leeds so I was eager to sample their new menu which will be available to customers next month. 

One thing I have to compliment Le Chalet on is their awesome decor. I'm a sucker for French interiors so the beautiful chandelier and baroque style wallpaper was right up my street. We were treated to a little speech from the owner in which she told us she wanted to open the business to bring people together. Talking over tea, there's nothing like it is there? And in the age of digital when we all have our minds focused on our gadgets it's great to find somewhere to just grab a cuppa and have a natter. In fact I did just that with the other lovely bloggers I met there. They serve a whole array of teas but I opted for good old English Breakfast. I love that the tea comes served in these lovely little glass teapots, totally made for Instagram.

I have to say the food was excellent - I was rather taken with the ratatouille and had two servings of it! It really is somewhere to indulge yourself, I was drooling over more of the deserts in the glass cabinets, I think unfortunately I must of missed out on them as the event started earlier than I was able to get there. I desperately wanted to try some of their macaroons, being every bloggers favourite desert but didn't get to them in time. But it does give me a good excuse to go back!

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  1. I've heard so much about this tea room recently that it's ridiculous I actually haven't been yet! Your pictures look nice, I really have to go this weekend!

    See you tonight, by the way, I hope you're still coming to Trinity Cinema!

    Dash xx
    Mode Lily