Event: The One Where They Watch Friends #SHhealthysmile


shhealthysmile event
shhealthysmile event

On Wednesday I was invited down to the Everyman cinema in Leeds for a very special event. The people at simplyhealth had invited down a number of bloggers and their very important plus ones to enjoy a good laugh. Laughter is so important – we can all get bogged down by our day to day lives and it’s important to make time for laughter. The guys at simplyhealth want to promote the importance of laughter in a healthy lifestyle.
We were treated to a drinks, cinema style snacks and we sat back and enjoyed the first ever 4 episodes for Friends. Strange to think the final episode of Friends actually aired 10 years ago, does that make you feel old?  It just so happens that I’ve almost known my best friend and plus one 10 years, what a great coincidence! I think everyone has a favourite Friends moment and as I’m now in my mid-twenties I see myself relating to it more and more. For every moment in your life their seems to be a Friends episode to relate to it. When wearing leather pants I do think twice about putting some talc in my bag, just in case I have a Ross moment. Or when I was moving into my new house, will our sofa fit through the door? Pivvvorrrt!
All this talk of Friends has got me thinking about doing a fashion in television blog series, what do you think?


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