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In The Spotlight: Holly Fulton x Radley

holly fulton x radley

holly fulton x radley

There are certain collaborations that really catch my eye. When they pop up in my inbox I just have to take a peek. I heard about the last time Radley did a collaboration with Holly Fulton and I saw a couple of people with the bags but other than that it wasn't on my radar.

September sees Radley bring another collection in collaboration with Holly Fulton and boy do I love it. I have to admit Radley isn't a brand which I have paid particular attention to, other than seeing the odd purse in department stores I thought they were a classic but not really for me. That all changed when I saw these designs. Miss Fulton was inspired by her love for pop art and so we have some beautiful vibrant blues, mint greens, whites and this is all tied together with a deep navy.

My favourite has to be the little circle shaped cross body bag - I love the embossed detailing and it doesn't look like anything I've seen before. I have to admit though I have a little soft spot for the little Radley dog bags, they've had their own embossed treatment and they look all the better for it.

Make sure you pick yours up in September, not long to wait now...prices from £129 to £279.

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  1. Love this! I haven't heard about it until I've just seen this and I think it's really great for Radley. I totally missed the lat collab as well, but they're great quality bags they needed something like this as a departure from the 'Mummy' tag they can sometimes have. Great post lovely.

    Mel x