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In the Spotlight: Primark Must-Haves

primark must haves 2014

I don't know if it's just me but I've been really loving Primark's more basic items lately. I think after you've waded through the ill-fitting pieces and neon you can find some really good items that you find yourself wearing quite a lot. I've had quite a lot of great pieces from Primark recently but I thought I'd share my favourites with you.

One piece I've been drawn to lately are their basic v-neck t-shirts (hate ironing them though), I really like the slouchy material and the fit is great too. I've got this in black and white and usually team them up with jeans and a statement necklace to make the outfit a little more exciting.

That brings me on to the statement necklace you see here, this was only £5 and I love teaming it with the unexpected. I'll usually wear it with plain t-shirts or layered over a band tee. I've bought quite a few necklaces from Primark recently, they are great for costume jewellery and you can usually pick up a couple of items for under a tenner.

The sliders trend has been big all summer, I got my fake birkenstocks from Primark but last time I went in I picked up these little black numbers. I love the way they look with ripped jeans and a simple vest top. I think they look more expensive than they are too (£10) and look a little like something you'd pick up in Zara.

Lastly I recently purchased this large floppy hat - I wore it the other night to Leeds Festival, perfect for keeping the rain off. It is mainly made of wool and was only a grand total of £8. It's quite obnoxious because of it's size but I love it. I think this could be an accessory for London Fashion Week - what do you think?


  1. that hat is gorgeous and such a steal for 8 quid! you should defo wear it to LFW, I have a similar one and it really helps jazz up an outfit x

  2. I need that hat! Didn't even know Primark sold those- I really wish my local one was better x

  3. I agree they've got loads of good basis, I picked up a great long sleeve stripe tee