London Fashion Week: What I Wore Day Three


london fashion week street style ss15

Sorry for my moody expression, I have a real life problem called ‘resting bitch face.’ I’m sure lots of you have experienced this. Do you ever hear ‘what’s wrong?’ or ‘oh cheer up!’ when you are actually on top of the world? You my friend also have resting bitch face, its ok there’s a lot of us. I also seem to be expressing anger through my fists, rest assured I was actually having a lovely day at day three of London fashion week.

london fashion week street style ss15

Day three was a fairly quiet one so I went for a low key outfit, with some sparkle. Well, it can’t be too boring right? I wore my black camisole from Topshop, these are so versatile I wear them for so many different occasions. I have this in a few colours, I suggest you pick some up too. I wore my Primark duster coat again, as I don’t live in London I could only choose from what I packed. I didn’t pack that many coats so I had a couple on rotation. I also wore my Primark slip-ons. As the days go on everyone surrenders to their flats, being on my feet for 7-8 hours a day really took its toll. 
The piece I used to make the outfit pop was this sequin skirt by Gat Rimon por La Redoute, it made me feel a little bit like a mermaid. It certainly caught the light and a lot of attention. It has a great stretchy band around the top of the skirt which means its perfect for tucking tops into and really draws attention to your waist.

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