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What I Wore: Superdry Day Look

superdry fashion blogger outfit
superdry fashion blogger outfit
superdry fashion blogger outfit

I really wanted to find a different backdrop for my pictures, gone are the days of taking them in my back garden.  For one my garden is now more of a yard and others houses overlook it, not sure I want them seeing me posing in the garden. Secondly I've been looking at other blogs outfit posts and being a little bit jealous, as they look so good. I knew I had to go out and about to take more interesting outfit shots and to be more inspired.
So the last time I was in Leeds I took my camera along and my best friend kindly took some shots for me.  This bridge goes over the River Aire and people have started to put padlocks on it a la Paris! I felt a million miles away from Paris but Leeds is my home town and I love it all the same. 

The lovely people at Superdry were kind enough to get in touch with me about reviewing some of their products. Now I must admit Superdry isn't a place I've bought anything from before. I guess I associate them with fairly blatant branding and more casual clothes. The only time you'll see me in trackies is when I'm painting my house. When I looked at their website however I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did they have some really pretty pieces but they had things I wanted to own. For the purposes of this review I decided to split my review into a day and night look.

This playsuit is perfect for a casual daytime look, although I think it could be equally dressed up for the evening. It has lovely polka dot detailing all over and Broderie Anglais on the hem - I think this adds a little more interest to the piece. It has an exposed zip up the back which I thought was a great feature. The best thing for me though is that it has pockets, don't you just love something more when it comes with pockets? I got this in a size small and I'm a size 10/12 depending on where I shop, I usually have to go for a medium elsewhere so I was pleasantly surprised. I teamed it up with my leather jacket and leopard print slip-ons and I was ready for my day of shopping. 

Have you bought something from a brand that surprised you?


  1. Very cute look, I love the leather jacket and I want those shoes! xo

  2. You look lovely! I would love to take pictures in my backyard but am so shy about my neighbors seeing me... especially if it's just me and my tripod. I'll usually wait for my husband to get home and take a photo of me which is a little better but I just found a spot inside my home that I think I'll be using from now on! It only requires myself and a tripod which I love since I hate bugging my anyways the backdrop you chose looks great :)

    I am sure I have bought from a brand that ended up surprising me... the only problem is that i can't think of a specific brand right now lol


  3. Love this playsuit, casual but still really nice. I never normally go for playsuits as I don't feel like they suit me, but this is so cute.

    Emma x
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