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Fashion in Music: FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs fashion style

FKA Twigs has been on my radar for a while now, her song 2 Weeks is absolutely amazing. If you haven't heard it already, head over to YouTube and give it a listen.
I thought I'd bring back my fashion in music post, as part of my new strategy is to blog about things I love and I love music, so why not relate it to fashion. FKA Twigs has not only an amazing voice but great style to boot. I've picked out a couple of key pieces that I thought would help to re-create her look. Now don't get me wrong these aren't exact copies but you get the idea.

Kimonos were everywhere this summer, I thought this one from River Island was perfect. I prefer the simple design, I don't like anything too fussy. A stylish black heel can make a real statement, I loved Twigs' pair. I thought these laser-cut Reiss heels were a great alternative, a classic black heel will never go out of style. A staple accessory for me at the moment is the statement necklace. It adds a little bit of drama to an otherwise boring outfit. I like to layer it over unexpected pieces like a sports style jumper. Twigs is following my rule here with her own statement necklace, I loved this one from New Look, at £20 its inexpensive and can be worn with so many different outfits.


  1. I love fka twigs, heard her song months ago and loved it. These are great pieces, really similar to her look

  2. Great post! She's got killer style and you nailed the style re-creation!
    Drea x

  3. I like the necklace.