Event: Chiara Fashion Shoot

chiara fashion shoot

Chiara Fashion Shoot          Chiara Fashion Shoot
Chiara Fashion Shoot
Chiara Fashion Shoot
A few weeks ago I was invited over to Chiara HQ to take part in a a fashion shoot with a few other lovely bloggers. We were tasked with coming up with 5 different outfits from their collection and we were also able to mix in pieces from our personal wardrobes. 
I went for 5 very different looks but I think they all have some similarities. I’m really pleased with how the pictures turned out. It always feels weird to me taking part in something like this. ‘Modelling’ doesn’t come easily to me, lots of other bloggers I’ve met seem to have it down, I’m working on it though. I guess that’s why you don’t see lots of me on the blog.
I was lucky to leave at the end of the day with the fur gilet. I love wearing these over something more plain, something like this doesn’t need to be paired with a fancy outfit. As you can see I have a real thing for faux fur at the moment, I’m gathering quite the collection. I feel like my last outfit, which was a dress and jumper combination, was my most wearable and something I would wear in ‘real life.’  I was rather partial to the green tartan dress too though. What do you think to my outfit choices?

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