Event: Transfer Pop-up T-shirt Factory


Do you know where the t-shirt you’re wearing was made? Do you make conscious decisions about your purchases? I popped along to the Pop-Up T-shirt factory in Leeds Trinity this weekend. TRANSFER was a joint venture between the Centre of Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion and the University of Sheffield. The purpose of the project was to give consumers a behind the scenes look at how a garment is actually made. Each station represented a different stage in the making of a t-shirt, the make shift factory proved really popular with Leeds shoppers which kept the machinists busy on both Friday and Saturday.
The team of experts were asking members of the public to take part in a quick questionnaire to determine what t-shirt would be generated from them. This questionnaire posed a number of questions to determine how environmentally aware you were and what your shopping habits were. If you were more aware of your environment your t-shirt would have a ‘considered’ printed on the back. The aim was to make people more aware, even if you buy a t-shirt for a couple of pounds it has a back story.
After answering the questions I was certainly more aware of my spending habits and how many people are involved in the making of one t-shirt. It also made me think about the amount of clothes that sit in my wardrobe un-worn. I think the experience will force me to be more considered with my purchases from now on. 

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