London Fashion Week: What I’m Packing


Sh*t got real this season. I actually got out a spare rail to plan my outfits on. In all seriousness this has really helped me not pack wayyyyy too much! I can see exactly what I’ve got in front of me and it’s easier to cull things that I don’t need. The most important thing to me is representing what I would wear on a day to day basis. You won’t find me peacocking for the street style photographers, if they take my picture that’s lovely but I’m not going to pose against a lamp post ‘casually’ waiting for the cameras to flock around me. (I must point out I saw someone doing this once) The most important thing to remember here is just be yourself, there is always someone better dressed than you, fact. 
So I’ve picked out items from my wardrobe that I love, I’m either wearing the 70’s trend or going quite androgynous lately. Another important factor to consider is, can you mix and match? The horror right? Wearing the same item on another day at fashion week. Well I’m afraid, as I don’t live in London and have no access to my wardrobe, re-using an item for another day is the way forward. 
Layers are perfect for fashion week, it’s damn cold waiting in line for a show. But once you get in there it’s literally the hottest place on earth. You need the layers so you can loose a few when you get inside. I’m packing long sleeved plain t-shirts to wear under dresses too, keep your core warm and cosy! 

Plan your footwear carefully, you might want to wear those skyscraper heels but 5 hours of running around to different shows and you’ll be cursing the day they were made. Not to mention navigating those pesky cobbles at Somerset House. I’ve packed flat shoes and some chunky boots, they are all interchangeable with each outfit. Save those killer heels for the party in the evening, much more practical! 

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