Event: Epernay New Cocktail Menu


Epernay Leeds New Cocktail MenuEpernay Leeds New Cocktail MenuEpernay Leeds New Cocktail MenuEpernay Leeds New Cocktail Menu

Epernay Leeds New Cocktail Menu

I was kindly invited down to try the new cocktail menu at Epernay. Never one to turn down a good cocktail I went along to see what new menu had to offer. I’ve only visited Epernay on a few occasions before, normally for a special event like someones birthday. Everyone needs a champagne cocktail on their birthday, right?
I started off by trying The Ambassador which included Diplomatico Blanco, Cointreau, Cherry Heering and Langlois Chateau. All of which made an incredibly tasty drink, the Cointreau gave it a little orange kick without being too over powering. This was really easy to drink, which is maybe a bad thing?
Next I tried a Pink Lemonade, they have some cocktails on the menu that don’t contain as much alcohol as others. Great if you are planning to be out all night, you won’t have your night cut short by having one too many. The Pink Lemonade cocktail had just the right amount of bitter and sweet, this would be a great drink for a hot summers day. I can imagine drinking these around a pool somewhere exotic…
I also had a try of the George Town Twist cocktail, this rum based drink really packs a punch. The fresh ginger is very strong but really adds something extra to this cocktail.
Lastly I tried the Garden Tea cocktail, I’m not a massive gin fan but I really liked this drink. With a refreshing mix of elderflower, mint and cucumber, this is another drink for warmer weather. I’d highly recommend a visit to Epernay if you are in the Leeds area and remember everyone drink responsibly…  

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