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What I Wore: Missguided Dress

Missguided lace-up Dress

Missguided lace-up Dress
I first saw this dress on the lovely Emma Hill on her Instagram and thought it looked so good with her tan I just HAD to buy it. I waited until our final night until I wore this as I wanted optimum white dress to tan ratio... haha

I thought the lace-up detail was a real unusual feature, I thought it might of been a little too low for me. You can tie it as tight as you need to though, so you can choose to have a lot of cleavage or a little. The dress also has an extra panel of fabric in the bra area, so there is no worry about flashing what's underneath. I have to say though the bottom of the dress is pretty see-through, so make sure your undergarments are the correct colour or you could have an embarrassing moment....
I teamed the dress up with some lace-up suede sandals from La Redoute, these are really comfy and you can tie them around your ankles a few times to create a nice layered up look. I thought the bag went really well with this outfit and I picked it up in the Mango sale for the grand total of £15. It has three compartments, so it has plenty of room for all your essentials. 



  1. Okay, I think I need this dress, it's gorgeous! Really cool, loos great on you :)

    Drea xo

  2. This dress is gorgeous! I love the lace detail up the front.
    samantha xx

  3. This dress is absolutely gorgeous. You look great in it!

  4. You look fantastic- well done on the tan to white ratio 😊