Food: Almost Famous Leeds


Last week I was kindly invited by the guys from Almost Famous to try out their brand new menu. Previously all of their restaurants had a different menus, you might of seen their other restaurants in Manchester or Liverpool. Consolidating the menu meant they could work with a new butcher, who currently provides meat for michelin star restaurants, meaning they are able to provide the very best burgers. Their Director is someone who is all about finding something new, he even brought home a two day old burrito from one of his trips because it was so amazing.
On the night I was sat with a lovely group of bloggers, I think we were the group that made the most mess and took the most pictures? Sign of a good night! 

We started off with some amazing cocktails, if you are looking to try something a bit more adventurous than your average Mojito. The Famous Frickin’ Swizzle, pictured above, had a particular zing to it and had some clever branding on top too. 
We were then treated to some amazing starters, including my favourite the Mac N Cheese Balls. A total carb fest but worth it of course! These went down a storm at our table and were gone before you could say pass me another one! There were also some chicken wings on the rounds, some of which had suicide sauce on them which almost blew my head off. If you are a fan of spicy you’ll love them! 
Then came the fries, we were brought every variation of fries that were on offer. I’m a fan of the simple ones so I went for a mixture of the waffle chips and of course sweet potato fries. We had all ordered an individual burger and I went for the Down n Out burger. This beast boasted two meat patties, sliced hot dog, onion, mustard and tomato sauce between the bun. A real taste of the American life. 
If you are looking for a restaurant where you can really pig out Almost Famous is the one for you. There are some real treats on the menu and the quality is awesome. Although be prepared to leave with a serious food baby. 

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