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After my last post about holding down a blog and a job, I thought I’d carry on doing some advice style posts. It’s coming up to my 7 year blog anniversary, so I must have some pearls of wisdom by now, right? 
Photography plays a massive part in the draw of a blog post, I’ve still got a lot to learn in this department but I thought I’d run through what I do in terms of backgrounds and props. 
In terms of backgrounds you can create something that looks really professional for a small price or even for free. Next time you are in B&Q make a beeline for the wallpaper department. I rip off samples that I know will make good backgrounds for product shots. Don’t be shy when you rip off the samples, make sure it’s big enough to cover a decent area. Also make sure the background it’s too busy, this won’t make for a good shot. 
Have you ever thought, how the hell are all these bloggers affording marble worktops or tables? Well I’ll let you in on a little secret. I bought my ‘marble table’ from Wilkos, it’s actually a large roll out sheet of vinyl. Perfect for getting out when I need it, I’m going to cover my office desk in this too. I can see the marble office inspiration photo now! 
Books, small ornaments and plants make perfect props for photos. Use something to add to the shot but nothing too distracting that will offset the product. I love using the small little cacti from Ikea to add an element of interest to my pictures. Interiors books and magazines are perfect too, I like fanning them out and using them in one corner. Well there you have, nothing groundbreaking but easy and cheap ways to improve your photography instantly.  

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  1. ldnrose says:

    Genius! I'm getting some marble background this weekend! Thanks for the tip ��

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