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When it comes to products I am an absolute sucker for skincare. I love make-up but I tend to stick to similar colours etc. With skin care I like to branch out a little and experiment, that being said once I find something I love I’ll buy it time and time again. Dermalogica is a brand you hear a lot about when it comes to great skincare, I’ve used the microfoliant before and loved it, but never in a combination with any of their other products.
I got to try out three products with were sent over to me from Pure Beauty; precleanse, special cleansing gel and the daily microfoliant. Ever feel like when you wash off your make-up you’ve still got a layer of something on your face? The precleanse is perfect to leave your skin ‘truly’ clean. With olive, apricot and Kukui oils this product cuts through in the most stubborn of waterproof mascaras. 
The special cleansing gel is perfect for after your initial precleanse. The mint and lavender extracts make this the perfect night time cleanser, it soothes the skin and the mind. This gets off the last of the day’s debris off of your skin. 
 Lastly the daily microfoliant, as I said before this is a product I already have in my bathroom cabinet. The full size bottle of this lasts for absolute ages, making the higher price tag worth it. It is the perfect exfoliant that isn’t too harsh to use every day. You only need a small amount in your hand, once you’ve added water it becomes paste like. You can rub this into your skin in circular motions, once you wash this off you are left with new skin. This actually leaves your skin glowing and radiant.


2 responses to “Beauty: Trying Dermalogica”

  1. <3333 such amazing review!

    Karolina Gerspucci

  2. Lizzy Hadfield says:

    Precleanse is the best thing ever!!! You have made me want to go out and buy it again as I haven't used it in agesssss!

    Shot From The Street

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